A Message to Other Nations

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Some celebrities are not just famous or popular because of the great songs they sing or the great movies they act in. There are more "ideas" that great compassionate people share and more attributes they own. For example these people are all artists, because the term "artist" defines more than a painter or a sculptor. It expands to entertainers, actors, comedians, story tellers, journalists. Their work inspires us.

There is something else that these famous people do that makes of them champions of social justice, human rights of economic equality, freedom. Labels are used to define all the good that these people do, the sacrifices they do when they use their image in other places other than a stage or a red carpet. When they do "it" we usually call it "Philanotropy" or we label them as "humanitarian".

The word "heroes" also fits these people, because they know they have relative power and they leverage it for good deeds. But when we think of "heroes" we usually think of comic figures with super powers in comic books, 3D movies or video games. That word is so meaningless when you consider the real life achievements of these people. These people don't save a town from disaster in fiction, these people save lives for real. The stories they write are called "legacy", and those stories live forever and inspire future generations of heroes.

Heroes of human or environmental rights chose a cause that is dear to them and they advocate on its behalf.

Fear is the emotion that these people project on victims of abuse, natural disasters, oppressive regimes or of lack of food and clean water. Because they're capable of empathy, they feel the fear of other people, so they worry and they act, by trying to relieve these fears. When they do, they feel relieved as well. What they do is traditionally called Philantropy, humanitarian, or charitable work.

But that is not accurate. There is something bigger, more powerful that these people do: they realize peace! This idea is so simple and yet so revolutionary because we have always thought that peace is something we entrusted the United Nations, and the USA (of all nations!). Now the ideal of peace is truly free to be reclaimed and the narrative on peace can be told again.

What's more accurate is to define what they do as "realizing peace" because "peace" is what they do. We call them "Repeacers", and hence, what they do is "Repeacing". When these people empower and help others, feed the hungry, comfort the ill, or free the political dissenters, they relieve their fears. Peace is the logic result of their activism. It's that simple. Peace is not simply the absence of wars. Every social conflict is a "war" and who among you isn't in some threatening conflict now? This understanding is profoundly instrumental because it allows us to think alike and feel connected. Repeace allows us to reconnect, relate and share our humanity in a new light.

When you're looking at what unites the 99%, don't look any further. This is it. It's peace. Politically conscious-, socially conscious people, compassionate people, all realize peace. They exercise peace in all kinds of ways.

Wars don't always have people or nations as targets. The freedom to speak, to report the truth and have access to all information for the purpose of informing the public, to protect it from abuses; the freedom to dissent, or the freedom to speak our conscience when we see that a crime has been committed are targets of the wars of today, and to fight those wars and realize peace we have other champions. They expose the truth and tell the stories that need to be told, whether you like them or not. But the main stream media doesn't describe them with the same praise it uses for celebrities because the truth will set us free and the truth is a threat to those who control us now.

In their own way, these authors are among the bests at what they do. They are artists and heroes, reporting in front of the camera or behind a PC, typing away their reports and the current relevant stories with integrity.

Some of them inspire and move more people than others. When that happens, they become a threat to the establishment. Getting too close to the truth means risking everything. It takes so much courage to fight for the truth and believe in a better world for all, not just for a few.

It doesn't matter whether you are, an ordinary man or a woman, a rock star, an actor/actress, a reporter, an author or a journalist. In this very moment it doesn't matter whether you're American, Canadian, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turk, Brazilian, Bahraini or Japanese. The establishment has always managed to divide us and conquer us. Whoever has been controlling the game until now, they are always many steps ahead at using their money and their predictable tactics to frame those they don't like as threats to freedom and democracy, socialists, communists, extremists, hippies, radical, spies(as traitors), terrorists. According to the morally bankrupted main stream media we're all potential terrorists.


We won't stand for that! Repeace is a way to unite and look beyond our differences, and create a new form of social leverage, able to beat the establishment at its own game.

We have to understand that behind social justice, philantropy, petitioning or dissent lies the same idea. Once it's framed as positive and desirable, and once it's framed negatively as a threat to the status quo. The establishment thrives on creating divisiveness, social and economic inequality and more social conflicts in any foreign nation that's a source of profits.

All activists fighting for justice, freedom and basic democratic principles are "exercising for peace". The people pictured below, no matter if Australian, Tunisian or American, are just as precious and powerful as the famous people in the images above. We're all Repeacers, we all realize peace, no matter what's our cause.

No matter how long it will take to sink in, this idea is pure power power and it won't fade. When you're ready, make it your own!

These are the people, the movements, the ideas, the heroes who sacrifice their freedoms to warn us about the dangers we face. ALL of them realize peace. We will erase the bad metaphors that the corrupted establishment keeps sticking on these people, dissenters, protesters, hackers and whistleblowers and we will elevate these people to their deserved status.

Most people who realize peace are compassionate, altruistic people. This trend is already widespread. Thousands of businesses in the U.S. are already joining forces and building strong cooperatives, community support groups and direct assistance to all citizens in need. Huge numbers of businesses are changing their business models to give more shared responsibility to their coworkers and add sustainability to their priorities. As fast food workers strike for higher wages, pundits are dismissing their demands as unrealistic. But an exploding burger chain in Detroit, is paying its employes $15 per hour and is proving that the propaganda spread by corporate media is another irresponsible lie.

Realizing peace is a lifestyle and no matter whether you identify with names or attributes like Anonymous, 99% Occupy, humanitarian work, advocacy, protesting, petitioning, volunteering, the magic will happen as soon as you all see that you are already realizing peace, and as soon as you understand this. This idea holds the power to unite every single activist, across every single nation, like a beam of light.

To free and empower peace from the limitations of the former anti war peace movement of the 60s-70s, we reframed this lifestyle as "Repeace" and we use a branded idea to help all humans re-connect and identify with it. Symbols or brands are the easiest way to translate the global demand of accountability that lies behind all current protests and associate that demand with peace. Symbols and Arts have the power transcend one simple word or a set of emotions.

There is absolutely nothing more powerful than a lifestyle, because a lifestyle has no leaders, it's anonymous, it's universal and it's shaped by the collective consciousness. The ultimate social force of a lifestyle can be seen in the example of "exercise and dieting". Exercise and dieting are a trend that is subordinated to the higher ideal of "health", and health is an ideal that evolves depending on new discoveries of food science, supplements, social habits, medicine and more.

There is no purpose or benefit in continuing to look at the concept of peace and think that the way we have approached it up until now will deliver any tangible results. We think that this is because we weren’t able to identify with an idea that unites us and leaves the action and the promotion of peace in our hands, not the hands of corrupted bureaucrats.

We have to tell the U.S. government, NATO, and the UN, that what they are doing to promote peace is a complete failure, and we have to be assertive and bold about letting them know that the means and policies they keep applying -including their total spying and surveillance of the entire population to promote what they think is the peace we wish to have- are massively rejected, and we will not stand for those policies.

The online demand, expected to be global and of a size never seen before, will literally change the rule of the game of what our governments call democracy. Repeace wants to empower the people of each nation by uniting them and set new standards of responsibility in politics. Instead of going out in the streets and getting beaten up, intimidated, arrested, and/or hurt by rubber bullets shot by law enforcement officials who don't have the courage to refuse unjust orders, every single nation will create its own set of demands, spelled inside three self-empowering, pro active, positive commitments (pledges), inspired by the values that are currently hot and which are shaping the true promotion of peace.

Most of our governments try to sell us this idea that terrorism has to be fought with total surveillance, invasion of privacy, foreign drone killing campaigns, and that the earnings of the top fraction of super rich people deserve to be protected at any cost, even if 13 million children in the U.S. alone are starving. Their irresponsible and horrible lies and fear tactics are amplified by the corporate owned mass media who has completely lost it’s ethical compass.

As a renewed vision of peace and justice, Repeace, will be promoted via a national and a global demand for responsibility and accountability that is clearly expressed and has to be repeated and echoed in the current populist message "We want accountable politicians" (we want money out of politics!). Each nation's front page of Repeace will measure this demand with 3 counters and the demand will produce an offer, according to the basic laws of economics.

This revolutionary approach to protesting will jump over the traditional legislative process and produce a new wave of accountable politicians and make existing ones adapt (or resign and be replaced). Businesses and politicians will have no choice but respond to the massive demand and compete for public support, patronage and votes, based on how well they will comply with the demand of the masses. In a twisted set of events, the so much feared “New World Order” could be literally happen, but under slightly different circumstances, because the people of all nations could literally jump over the obstacle of a rigged and corrupted system and completely change the rules of the game. The new rules of the game of Democracy will look no different than what they were always meant to be, but for once they will make things work for all and not just for a small fraction of society.


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