How you can help

These are some of the things you can do:

  1. Grow the 3 USA protests by clicking on the 3 pledges on the front page (only USA IP addresses)
  2. Join also the WORLDWIDE SUPPORT pledge (all humans can join this one. This protest is like a Tahrir Square protest in cyber space uniting all humans in this anti-corruption/pro-accountability movement)
  3. Follow us and LIKE us on FB
  4. Share, Email to friends
  5. Follow other national FB Repeace communities of nations you care about.
  6. Remind artists that they can interpret the Repeace word and logo and submit their Art. We will share it and it will entertain us all.
  7. If you're an activist/repeacer and wish to help, send us a note via the site or send us a message on our FB community.
  8. If you are an activist from other nations, help us grow your own nation Facebook page of Repeace. Start debating with friends what the 3 pledges would be in your nation. The UK, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Portugal are urgent platform to build!
  9. Buy a shirt and wear it at protests. We don't ask for donation. We prefer to give something of value for the money you give us.