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OWS: The End Game

OWS: The End Game

By Nyc Labrets.

Time out.

Every single last OWS Protest from October 1st on has been turned into a Combat Zone by the Polizei. Christ, just consider what we've seen go down *in just the last 6 weeks* from these Hyper Militarized SWAT teams that have become our local Police Forces of America. This is the Great Reveal of the Third Act in which the curtain on the stage parts and the Villain of the Piece, our All-American Emperor Palpatines of the 1% of the USA today, finally take off their Masks of Gentle and Benevolent Kindness drop  the pretense of even bothering to maintain the Illusion and reveal to the world at large the real and honest nature of their True Selves, isn't it?

It's Lock-Step Thuggery, on a vast, sweeping and unprecedented Global Scale, sheer Power Mad Sociopathy of the likes of which we've never seen before. Watching the Livestreams of these poor earnest kids who actually, despite all the concrete evidence to the contrary, still believe in the lie of this place has been incredibly disheartening. What with their waving around the US Constitution and yelling about how this is America and chanting the 1st Amendment at the stony faced mercenary Henchman of the Rich and Famous, who are just going to blow all that off, as if they even ever once cared about it in the first place, as they prepare and make ready to launch another all attack and assault with their rubber bullets to the head and full on Pepper Spray to the face.

Hell this is is *worse* and a lot more open display of raw power than what both the Soviets of the USSR and the East German Police State did to their people at the very height of their Regimes.

The gloves are off and they're waging war and we keep pretending to ourselves that this can't possibly be happening in America. Don't believe it? Then consider this...

In order to Preserve & Protect what they, our Beloved Rich and Famous 1% Owner-Operator Class has got, in just the last 6 weeks alone in just the United States this here below is just a *partial list* of the kind of Manpower, Gear & Hardware that the Owner-Operators have deployed with this bought and paid for Occupying Army against their own people to maintain their position and power:


  • Police Attack Helicopters
  • Black Combat Romping & Stomping Boots
  • Video Surveillance
  • Kettling Netting
  • Guns
  • Armored Urban Assault Vehicles
  • Tear Gas
  • Police Attack Dogs
  • Handcuffs
  • Armored Command Centers
  • Infiltrators
  • Shields And Helmets
  • Shotguns
  • Black Leather Gloves
  • Social Network Data Mining
  • Paddy-Wagons
  • Flash Bang Grenades
  • Motorcycles
  • Bean Bags
  • Heavily Armed and Heavily Armored SWAT Teams
  • Steel Barricades
  • Mace
  • LRAD Sound Trucks
  • Snipers
  • Night Sticks/Billy Clubs/Batons
  • Rifles
  • Choke Holds
  • Mounted Police Attack Horses
  • Eye In the Sky 24/7 Sky Watch Surveillance Towers
  • Tasers
  • Pepper Spray/Bullets
  • Riot Gear
  • Agent Provocateurs
  • Rubber Bullets

When you come right down to it, the Evidence is pretty clear and overwhelming. They're pretty f*ing serious and downright Militant about Waging War on the People of Earth with this Thug Occupying Army of theirs, (and have equipped them accordingly, getting the Proceeds to do so via our Tax Dollars, how's that for some downright Evil Genius shit?), and will continue to use any means necessary to *NOT* share the wealth, dontchya think?

I can't think of one concession, one millimeter of ground that they've ceded, since these Economic Sieges have begun in Europa, starting with when the wheels began to come off the cart in Greece 2 years ago.

Not one.


And they're fighting Tooth and Nail on every front in the USA today to NOT give up a goddamned thing to anybody, anywhere.

Not on your life.

With this crystal clear pattern now in place what the hell do you think that they're going to do, 5 to 7 years down the road? When their Fabulous Toys, which will completely replace most human labor, (i.e. NO JOBS ANYWHERE FOR ANYBODY), and every step of the Production, Supply & Distribution Chain that they are now spending billions of R&D dollars on each year? And installing in every major workplace environment in the world throw even more people out of work? Get all Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Morning on us and invite us all in for Holiday Goose Brunch? Or are they going Double Down even further on this current approach of theirs? Given all the information we've got at hand I'm betting on them pursuing the Double Down Strategy. The General Assembly of OWS in NYC has got about half a million bucks in the bank. I say that we allocate $5,000 of those bucks, (all of 1% how's that for a nice and neat number?), towards equipping every OWS person in Liberty Square in NYC with a SELF-DEFENSE KIT to consist of:

  • Black Leather Gloves
  • Motorcycle/Bicycle Helmets
  • Protective Body Wear
  • Kettling Netting
  • SELF DEFENSE Night Sticks And Batons
  • Lady's Over The Counter Mace/Pepper Spray
  • CivilianTasers
  • Motorcycles/Scooters/Bicycle Walls
  • Police Detainment Mini-Vans and SUVs

And give each and every OWS Occupant in Liberty Square at least 25 plastic Zip-Loc® Tie-Wrap SELF-DEFENSE Hand-Cuffs that to be used to make Legal Citizen's Arrests for every cop in the NYPD that acts in an Unlawful Manner.

Case in point.

The NYPD was out-numbered on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Had this Strategy been in place then then the +700 arrestees could have *easily* surrounded, arrested, and then just left that mere handful of NYPD cops sitting there on the Bridge in handcuffs waiting to be picked for their Booking, Arraignment and setting of their future Court Date while the March continued on on its Merry Way. I ask you, wouldn't that have been some downright cool beans? The 'Rule of Law' *does* cut both ways, y'know. Now, then thanks to mindset that says that PACIFISM is the only “Appropriate” and “Legitimate” response to the most EGREGIOUS OFFENSES of the Police and a +20 years build up of the Armories of every Cop Shop in the USA today that the 1% pushed for and got, and got us taxpayers to pay for, (just how Evil Genius is that?), that are being deployed against the wholly unarmed Citizens of the USA today…

OWS is just getting it’s ass handed to it.

Over and over and over and over again.When is enough finally going to be ENOUGH?

Again, to repeat this...At their WORST both the Soviets and East German Police State, (which collapsed 20 years ago this your), didn't utilize this kind of heavily armed and armored response against their own people.

Just because because the 1% hasn't given the order yet to switch over to using Live Ammo, it doesn't mean that that option isn't on the table for them. Because you damn well better believe that if they ever get completely fed up and 'lose all patience' as we've already heard some of their people say, then push *will* come to shove and they *will* start using live fire, just like we've seen in every other Social Justice Movement in the last 100 years.

Expect it and be prepared for it. Given all that, while OWS is to remain peaceful, it's well past time that Occupiers have Self-Defense Counter-Measures in place. Or else just roll over and accept the consequences.

Dealing with this subversive element of 'let's all play nice now, hold hands and join in a chorus of 'Kumbaya, Motherfuckers' while you're all getting gassed, sprayed, batoned, kettled, helicoptered, bean-bagged, rubber-bulleted, dogged, romped and stomped on by a heavily armed All-American Mercenary SWAT Team Militia on horse-back is like banging your head against a brick wall.

How people have got it in their minds that there is any Human Dignity and Moral High Ground when push comes to shove and you're getting steam-rollered over and you don't do anything to defend yourself is about the most WTF Full-Retard DERP Meme that's out there.

It's surreal to me that given the state of all-out war that the State is clearly waging against the unarmed and vulnerable of the OWS that there isn't even the least talk of adopting a SELF-DEFENSE Posture against these attacks and assaults.

That should have ceased in the moment we saw that woman, (shielded with nothing more than an outfit suited for a late night summer's stroll), in Oakland rush to Scott Olsen's aid in the street during the Siege and then have that mercenary cop lob that flash bang grenade right into the middle of the knot of First Responders.How much more direct evidence do people need to get that these sociopaths of the 1% aren't fucking around and playing games and that they mean business? At a bare minimum people should be wearing bike/motorcycle helmets and have a pair of black leather gloves on them at all times to protect themselves from injury. Kind of hard to toss away a hot tear gas canister with your bare hands. Why on earth would anyone allow themselves to be willingly castrated, defanged and declawed from the very outset?

That's ultimately Self-Defeating when up against a heavily armored, well organized, and heavily armed Professional State Militia. This video covers not only the Myth of Indian Passive Resistance against the British, but also how we've allowed protests in the US to become completely defanged and declawed by subscribing to these bullshit Myths surrounding Gandhi and MLK in the most self-defeating way imaginable:

Bottom line is that there has never been no Cause or any Social Justice Movement ever anywhere on earth in the last +100 years where TPTB haven't killed and murdered to keep and hold their position of power.

Not one.

The *only* way that they've ever given up even the least thing has been through a Tooth and Nail fight, (more than one Suffragette had to die before US women got the right to vote), and it's incredibly naive to even think that they're going to stand down from that in the USA today.

The Fairy Tale of Ebenezer Scrooge waking up on Christmas Morning and seeing the error of his ways has always been just that...

A BS Fairy Tale.

The quicker that people wake up from this illusion, and face reality, the better.

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