How to Make Accountability Profitable

•What are the 3 universal agreements for every nation, that can help its own citizen promote a transparent, accountable democratic process, mindful of sustainability and supportive of local economies?


•How can these agreements be measured and have a real impact in the processes of reforms that every nation so urgently needs?


•How can those agreements and actions allow for the people to feel empowered at all times and not abdicate their power to institutions, too likely to become corrupted?

These are the thoughts behind the Repeace / Realize peace movement, able to empower all humans behind 3 universal agreements, which, in huge numbers, will help every nation heal its own institutions and create unprecedented synergy among all nations. These agreements, voted in very high numbers, can re-create the missing social contract that has been trashed by politicians and corporations.

I'm a firm believer in incentives. If accountability is not profitable, then we need to find a way to make it profitable.

The obvious problem in our nations is that political representatives have become corrupted by private interests groups. Corruption is self interest. People in power, whether addicted to power and status, money, or both are too easily corrupted. It is too easy for corporations to buy a politicians at the sound of $8 million a year. Corruption is, and has always been, a disease, not a rare flaw. Now it has become unsustainable because politicians, in leading countries, have reached a level of corruption that completely prevents them from serving their voter. To make this problem worse they express utter contempt and arrogance about their behavior, that they will try to justify by saying that "this is just how the system functions now".


Since they keep dismissing the meaning of "conflict of interest" nobody else than us can remind them about it. It's is time to call conflict of interests an immoral, treasonous act, and label corruption a disease, a crime that humans all across the world now will fight with determination and resolve and find urgent remedies to it. If they won't hold accountable the banking system who has wrecked the economy, and send people to prison with harsh sentences for bribing government agencies, covering up crimes, polluting the environment with preventable accidents caused by recklessness, then WE need to change that. They won't do that.


The implicit social contract behind democracy, which implies that politicians should represent the people, does not exist. The good thing is that this social contract is the one thing that unites Left, Right, Independents and Libertarians. There lies the key to unite and reform democracy from the ground up.


Repeace wants to correct this imbalance by allowing all people to voice 3 simple agreements and measure them. The Repeace virtual protests are held up to our institutions and expose the institutions' betrayal of trust, and make them reflect about their complicity in breaking the contract with the voters (in the case of representatives) and with the customers (in the case of corporations).


Those of you who have ever purchased, sold, or bid on an item on Ebay, know something very well. Buyers and sellers have always the highest ratings, 99% or 100%, which means that whether one buys, or sells, he/she better be accountable, which means deliver exactly what is offered, on time, communicate well, or pay on time (for buyers). This simple, obvious, logic and implicit contract doesn't even need to be mentioned. It is plain common sense.


Between us, humans, and our politicians, or the largest multinationals, this is far from being common sense. Since it isn't, and we're the only ones playing by the rules, held accountable when we're late on payments, punished for breaking the rules, and even ripped off illegally, sold fraudulent products while politicians help the criminals do that, then we need to find a way to come all together and out an end to that.


How do we do that? We ask them, tens of millions of us, to end their codependence. We tell them that now we will bring our business and vote for those businesses and those representatives who will live by our rules. It's all about the right amount of pressure, and every person can help create it. Are you in? be a Repeacer. Pledge now.