An important message from Repeace to the 99%

"The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives" - Albert Schweitzer

Dear Occupiers, Egyptian revolutionaries, Spanish Indignados, Greek citizens, 99%ers and anonymous “leakers”,

This message goes out to all of you who stand for a future free from the corrupting forces of centralized power and concentrated wealth, a future in which the physical and spiritual well-being of humanity and the planet are placed above the material profit of a few.




The common thread that runs from Egypt through Tunisia, Bahrain, Greece, Ireland, Spain and many more nations, all the way to the United States, is the demand for accountability. Institutions that derive their authority from the people must answer to the people. Accountability leads to justice, and justice leads to peace. The world is united by the real wish for peace, justice and compassion. By recognizing that peace is at the core of the diverse global movements, we can build a common foundation from which a united humanity can build a world of peace, justice and prosperity for all. The answers are within reach. The critical task is to translate the abstract demand for accountability into concrete and practical mechanisms.


When a critical mass of humanity awakens to the call of our collective consciousness, the institutions and structures that are controlling the distribution of power and wealth (a.k.a. “the Establishment”) will begin to disintegrate. There are encouraging signs that this awakening is gaining momentum. The Arab Spring has proved that no government, no matter how entrenched, is immune from the changes that result when the people awaken to their power and demand change.



A few questions remain: How do we accelerate this awakening? How can we be united in purpose despite our differences? Will we be able to collaborate and find one idea that fits all humans, not just Americans, Egyptians or Spaniards?

Real progress requires united action aimed at the root cause of the injustices and corruption – the structure of the political, social and economic systems. Real progress requires a simple, universal and easy-to-use platform that will enable each one of us to align our actions with the outcome we desire. Everyday decisions – what we buy, what we eat, where we go and what we do – can effect change in our world in powerful ways. We can demand change but unless we are willing to align our actions with our intentions, our demands will fall on deaf ears. 

On July 20th 2012 Repeace will unleash 3 pledges/votes for USA and Spain (later in other countries), aimed at offering an incentive to all businesses to pledge to stay out of the election-buying game and commit to being responsible members of society.



Realize peace! Repeace! You are holding your institutions accountable and supporting fellow humans across the globe in holding their own corrupted governments accountable! That's Repeace. We're realizing peace for us all. If you can embrace this idea, click on the home page and share. Whether you go out in the street and Occupy, or whether you prefer to "occupy the Internet", come on board. Take a minute to pledge and your 3 demands will be counted. (you can vote from your cellphone too)

If Molly Katchpole was able with 300,000 signatures to stop Bank of America from charging a five-dollar monthly fee for debit card use, imagine what tens of millions of us can do behind a global Repeace movement for accountability!

Peace. Repeace. Namaste!